Bishop Mar Philoxenos

Bishop mar Philoxenos was born on dec 05, 1951 at Cherukol Mavelikkara as the youngest son of Mr. A N Issac and Mrs Mariamma Issac, Attupurathu. His father was a farmer and his mother a devoted housewife. He grew up in a family of close relationships, mutual care and spiritual nurturing. Cherukole, the village where he grew up, was a small village where people of different faiths lived in fraternal harmony and mutually enriching fellowship. The festivals of different religions were respected and celebrated by all. He fondly remembers how the Hindu family living near his house would invite him over for auspicious religious occasions and other special functions. The close bond between his family and the village community influenced his personal growth and development. Read More

A Theological Journey

Theological studies at Bishop’s college were a turning point in his life. The three years he spent at the college strengthened his commitment and gave more focus and purpose to his calling. His academic interest developed during this time under the able guidance of an eminent faculty, which included Rev. Richard Bowie, bishop Sadique ( principals), Rev.Ian Clarke, Rev. W. Westall, Ms. McGregor and Rev. Dr. Yesu Das Tiwari whose conversion experience, stong faith and religious background along with his caring nature , encouraged and inspired Mar Philoxenos to pursue religious studies.

As Bishop of Mar Thoma Church

Rev. Dr. A.I. Isaac was consecrated bishop of Mar Thoma Syrian church on October 2, 1993, by Dr. Alexandxer Mar Thoma and took the Episcopal name of Isaac Mar Philoxenos. Two other bishops “Joseph Mar Barnabas and Thomas Mar Timotheos” were consecrated along with him.