Mar Philoxenos was very particular that every task or project that he took up was in response to the needs of the church and society. This need based approach aiming at the holistic developemt of society can be seen throughout his Episcopal ministry.

Gram Jyoti Schools

Seeing the lack of educational facilities in rural north India, he started the chain of “Gram Jyoti Schools” at the primary level. The project consisted of more than hundred schools catering to the needs of the rural poor and socially backward classes of society. In urban areas lie Surat, where high donations and fees constituted a major problem for many, he initiated an English language school, which is now functioning at the higher Secondary level.

Navjeevan Centre

In Mumbai, Mar Philoxenos started the Navjeevan Centre for the rehabilitation of children from the red light area of Mumbai. This was one of the earliest initiatives of the Church in addressing the needs of the most marginalized.

Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth

With a vision to educate the evangelists and lay people of the churches in North India, the Bishop started the Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth at Faridabad. This theological institution aimed at orienting students to effective ministry by training them in the rural context and gave importance to mission and developmental studies. Now this institutions is affiliated to the Senate of Serampore University and offers Bachelor of Divinity programmes. The strength of Bishop Mar Philoxenos is not only that he has a far-seeing vision, but that he is able to inspire many to share in his vision so that it becomes a reality. The centres and projects that Mar Philixenos initiated are good examples of this.

Munnar Retreat home

In 2001, he started the Munnar Retreat home in 2006, bringing the resources of many people together. The income of this Retreat Centre is earmarked for development activities in the Ranges of the Diocese. The Peerumedu Youth Centre was another undertaking initiated by the Bishop of cater to the needs of the youth of the High Ranges. It provides boarding facilities for students studying in these areas. Balavadis, which gave free tuition classes to children of the High Rang areas, were started in several mission fields.

Mar Thoma Guidance Centre

In Ernakulam, the Mar Thoma Guidance Centre was started by Mar Philoxenos with the aim of providing hospital and career guidance.

A development project with facilities for a community living for the Elderly

In Bangalore there are thousands of people from Kerala. Bangalore has been recognised as the pensioner’s paradise. Many who have worked outside India and in different parts of India have settled in Bangalore. Those who have spent the whole of their life in Bangalore would find it difficult to move, as they will be losing all their social contacts. However when they become sick and are unable to manage their affairs they need a place to live in dignity. Even  for A proper place where they can spend the later hours of their life peacefully in their own socio-cultural background will be a great blessing. Hence an arrangement for such people to live in a community without bothering about the daily chores, leading a dignified and relaxed life, is a pressing need of the hour.